The center follows an open-science philosophy. Our goal is to disseminate content in the field of Paradox and Pluralism that could be accessed by society at large.

In collaboration with researchers from around the world, we create content for Educators, Researchers and Society


Resources for Researchers


A comprehensive data base on paradox and pluralism literature is available for researchers interested in the field.

Resources for Educators


Mini-case studies on "Managing Paradoxes" (Volume 1, Series 1)

The series results from the collaboration of management scholars worldwide and aims to support the work of educators with the free access to brief teaching cases on the paradoxical side of organizations.


Massive Open Online Course on Paradox (available soon)

Series of short-videos to be used by professors aiming at increasing participants’ understanding of paradoxes, for example in innovation, leadership, governance, sustainability, at different levels of analysis and ways of dealing with them. 


Resources for Organizations and Society at large


Massive Open Online Course on Paradox (for children from 7 to 10 years old) (available soon)