Impact Lab

What is it?

Are you a master student searching to do a work-project with great impact? Are you interested in solving organizational tensions? Do you want to provide meaningful and realistic recommendations for organizations and society at large? So, our Impact Lab is the right place for you.


In this Impact Lab students will apply the paradox and plurality framework to provide recommendations to a specific problem of an organization. 


What do we have to offer?

  1. Training on the paradox and plurality framework provided by professors from our international network

  2. Seminars between scholars and organizations to inspire you

  3. Access to an international network of experts that will provide insights to your work-project, thus enhancing its ability to create impact

  4. Opportunity to present the project to the company


Current topics available (but not exclusive):

  1. Paradoxes of Sustainability

  2. Paradoxes of the Changing Nature of Work

  3. Paradoxes in Healthcare 


For more information about how to do your workproject with us, please contact

Aníbal López