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Paradoxes of management and organization

Short cases for pedagogical use

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The world is rich in paradox, tension and contradiction. For this reason, the capacity to handle paradox is being presented as an important management competence. With this series, the European Forum on Paradox and Plurality aims to contribute to the development of paradox management competences by producing teaching materials on management tension and paradox.

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Case#1: Complex managerial dilemmas: Engaging with the XPCC

Author(s): Miguel Pina e Cunha, Arménio Rego and Stewart Clegg


Case#2: Public commitments towards sustainability:  the case of Zara

Author(s): Ricardo Zozimo, Miguel Alves Martins and Aníbal López


Case#3: Leaders, followers and pragmatic paradoxes 

Author(s): Miguel Pina e Cunha and Marco Berti


Case#4: Stakeholderism and its tensions 

Author(s): Miguel Pina e Cunha and Stewart Clegg


Case#5: Dangerously in Love? The case of FAB

Author(s): Aníbal López


Case#6: Individual exposure, elaboration and somatization of competing institutional logics: the paradoxical case of Ivo Watts-Russell

Author(s): Luca Giustiniano and Miguel Pina e Cunha


Case#7: The founder’s shadow dilemmas: the case of Vista Alegre

Author(s): Liliana Dinis and Pedro Neves


Case#8: ‘Poseidon’, by Franz Kafka

Author(s): Miguel Pina e Cunha, Arménio Rego, Stewart Clegg, Marco Berti


Case#9: Johnson: paradoxical lessons on personal transformation and leadership

Author(s): Milton de Sousa

Case#10: Mondelèz Brazil: Home Office Challenges for the “New Normal”

Author(s): Virginia Drummmond Abdala


Case#11: The false mastery of paradox: The case of Volkswagen

Author(s): Medhanie Gaim and Miguel Pina e Cunha

Case#12: Living the paradox of protection: The case of Flood Re

Author(s): Paula Jarzabkowski, Elisabeth Krull, Mustafa Kavas, Konstantinos Chalkias

Case #13: Anything is better than nothing: Improvising resilience at the Diamond Resort

Author(s): Luca Giustiniano and Sara Lombardi

Case #14: Together Alone?: Mastering paradoxes within inter-organizational business model innovation settings

Author(s): Antonio Daood and Luca Giustiniano

Case#15: Nelo Kayaks: Best over bigger

Author(s): Pedro Sena-Dias, Miguel Pina e Cunha and Marco Berti

Case#16: For the Love of Cows: Reaching Stability in the Face of Change

Author(s): Luis Hillebrand, Sebastian Raisch and Josseline Ross

Case#17: Addressing challenges of sustainability: The case of Interface Inc.

Author(s): Ace Volkmann Simpson

Case#18: New opportunities during a pandemic: The case of Peter Café Sport

Author(s): Liliana Dinis and Miguel Pina e Cunha

Case#19: Café Swoop!

Author(s): Pedro Gardete and Miguel Pina e Cunha

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