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For NOVA SBE researchers and staff community

Do you want to learn more about paradox a plurality and how to apply it in your research? The center has exchange opportunities and training sessions for NOVA SBE PhD students, faculty and staff involved in R&I. 


For NOVA SBE Bachelors and Masters students

The center organizes training sessions for both undergraduate and master students in the field of paradox and plurality. Whether you want to know how to apply the paradox and plurality framework to your work-projects, or want to organize an event to discuss a specific social problem from a pluralistic perspective, please contact us. 


For Organizations 

Good management and social progress rely on the ability to navigate oppositional demands and to reconcile the contradictory interests from different stakeholders.

In order to enable managers and organizations to effectively manage tensions, the center organizes training programs and workshops for companies. Our diverse international network of experts is able to provide knowledge, key recommendations and develop managers skills and empower your organization to effectively manage and reconcile tensions in diverse aspects of your business (e.g., leadership; inclusiveness; risk-taking; innovation).



For more information about opportunities, please contact

Aníbal López (

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