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Special Paradox & Plurality Meeting (Nov 24, 2021)

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Paradox theory has developed in management studies over the last 25 years as an analytical lens with which to understand tensions and conflicting objectives persisting in organizations’ life over time. However, historical organization studies have yet to join the conversation. The theoretical definition of paradoxes as interdependent contradictions enduring for an extended period is grist for the mill of historical organization studies’ scholarship. The study of paradoxes in business history is a promising research avenue. A special issue on history and paradoxes would be the first opportunity to start a dialogue between paradox theory and historical research on organizations.

This special Paradox & Plurality Meeting aims to gather an initial set of papers to a special issue on Business History

The participation in this meeting does not guarantee the acceptance of your paper for the special issue.


Find the detailed call for papers here.

Paradox and history
Download PDF • 278KB


Guest Editors:

Stewart Clegg (University of Stavanger Business School)

Miguel Pina e Cunha (Nova School of Business and Economics)

Charles Harvey (Newcastle University Business School)

Mairi Maclean (School of Management, University of Bath)

Álvaro Ferreira da Silva (Nova School of Business and Economics)



Paradoxes of History_FINAL PROGRAM
Download PDF • 210KB


Guest Speakers Presentations:

Jonathan Schad and Miguel Pina e Cunha. "Theory of Paradox"

The theory of paradox_Schad, J & Cunha, M.
Download PDF • 1.00MB


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