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June 17 - Westmont Hospitality Institute @ Nova SBE

Updated: Jun 16, 2022


June 17

14h00 = Welcome (Miguel Pina e Cunha & Milton de Sousa, Nova SBE)

14h15 = Keynote “Accelerating change under paradoxical circumstances: towards adopting sustainable principles” (Rob van Tulder, RSM, Erasmus University Rotterdam)

15h15 = Break

15h30 = Presentation “Culture, Systems and Paradox” (Fons Trompenaars, VU Amsterdam)

16h20 = Presentation “Expanding Consciousness through Paradox to Stimulate System Change” (Alex Bennet, University of Bangkok)

17h10 = Break

17h30 = Tribute to Charles Hampden-Turner & Closing (Miguel Pina e Cunha and Charles Hampden-Turner)

18h30 = Cocktail

June 18

9h30 = Parallel Paper Sessions

11h30 = Break

11h45 = Pilot training session “The Chief Ecosystem Officer” (Eva Rood, RSM)

13h00 = Closing Lunch


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