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III Paradox & Plurality Meeting (May, 2020)

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Theme: Paradoxes in Family Firms

On May 22nd 2020, the two research webinars from the annual FAM Paradox & Plurality Meeting were held online through the ZOOM platform.

Remedios Hernández-Linares, from Universidad de Estremadura was the chair of the first session where the common theme was Family Firms and their Paradoxes, while Professor Miguel Pina e Cunha was the chair on the second session where a broader approach to Paradoxes was discussed.

Wendy Smith from the University of Delaware, Andrea Calabrò from IPAG Business School, Luca Giustiniano from LUISS - Carlo Guido University and Alfredo deMassis from the University of Bolzano were guest speakers, providing insightful feedback to the researchers presenting their work in progress.

There were 13 papers presented in total, from researchers coming from very different geographies, providing a truly pluralistic event.

Note: More details about each session, please contact the authors directly


10 – 12:00

Session 1: Research Sessions on Family Business

“Family business growth expectations shaped by entrepreneurial competencies and society's individualism: the case of Egypt, Madagascar, Morocco and Turkey”, by Abderrahim Barakat and Asmaa Dahalla.

“Family Entrepreneurship: How Family Owners’ Identity Paradox of Belonging Shapes Corporate Entrepreneurship in Family Firms”, by Magali Canovi, Lorraine Uhlaner, Luciano Ciravegna, Francesco Rattalino and Camille Pradies.

“Improving Corporate reputation through board of directors’ diversity in listed companies: How does the family character of the company influence?”, by Maria Pilar Mantín-Zamora and Lázaro Rodríguez-Ariza.

“How Family Firms Manage the Paradox of Debt Financing? Family Control, Long-Term Goals and Female Leadership”, by Fernando Muñoz-Bullón, Maria Jose Sanchez Bueno and Pilar Velasco.

“The founder’s long-lasting influence: a shadow that protects a legacy”, by Liliana Dinis, Pedro Neves and Alfredo De Massis.

“Collective firm action through the duality between structure and anti-structure within organizational rituals”, by Mustafa Kavas.


14:00- 16:00

Session 2: Research Sessions on Paradoxes

“I’m a liar! Paradoxes of authenticity in leadership and the undesired evolving self”, by Patricia Pedrosa

“Openness and Closedness. A paradoxical view in crowd-based organizing”, by Luca Giustiniano

“Responding to paradoxes with varying intensities: The role of power”, by Medhanie Gaim

“The private P of PPPs: Exploring the double hybridity of the private partner”, by Marta Almeida

“Paradoxes of outer space exploration-exploitation”, by Miguel Pina e Cunha

 “Co-creation in the context of anti-consumption: A study of highly specific interest communities and their potential for brand co-creation. Part A: Authenticity & family businesses”, by Lena Kemna

"Inviting Engagement with Paradox: A Model of Communicating Complexity in Senior Leadership Teams", by Wendy Smith & Natalie Slawinski


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