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Event on Paradox in Health will be held next Thursday at Nova SBE

The 5th Edition of the Paradox & Plurality Annual Meeting will be held next Thursday (November 17th) at the Nova SBE Campus, in Carcavelos. The event will bring together renowned professionals in the market and influential academic researchers to discuss organizational and social problems in the health sector from a paradoxical perspective. The initiative is annually promoted by the Amélia de Mello Foundation (FAM), Center for Paradox and Organization and European Forum for Paradox and Pluralism (EUFFORP), don’t miss out and register here.

Discussion with senior managers

The event will be attended by numerous national and international managers, including the CEO of the CUF hospitals and clinics network, Rui Diniz, the Director of the Champalimaud Vision Award of the Champalimaud Foundation, André Valente and the General Director of Medtronic Portugal, Luis Lopes Pereira who will participate in a round table focused on the challengers of health sector, mediated by the researcher and assistant professor at Nova SBE, Filipa Breia da Fonseca.

International presence

Influential international researchers in the area of ​​innovation and paradox will also be part of the meeting. Harald Tukermann (researcher and professor at the University of St. Gallen, specialist in hospital management, managerial innovation and strategic change) will present the keynote "Risking a vicious cycle with a both/and approach when a hospital copes with the paradoxical demands of the pandemic". Wendy Smith (Researcher and Professor at the University of Delaware, specializing in organizational behavior, strategic paradoxes and leadership) will speak on "Strategies for Embracing Paradoxes".

Experts and entrepreneurs sharing insights and innovations

Presentations will follow, focusing on projects from Patient Innovation and Nova SBE's Health Management Knowledge Center. The Gulbenkian Chair Professor for the Impact Economy Pedro Oliveira will address issues related to the topic. Startup Glooma, which won the Patient Innovation Bootcamp 2021, will also present its innovative project that promises to contribute to the early and assertive detection of breast cancer. Afterwards, Filipa Breia da Fonseca and António Rendas will address Innovation in Healthcare. Pedro Pita Barros will share his analysis of the current challenges of the Portuguese health system.

Paradox and Healthcare

Paradox refers to opposite forces that mutually define one another and persist over time. The fact that organizational and societal issues contain paradoxical features is the point of departure of our debates, our mission consisting in the use of scholarly research on paradox to inform debate and facilitate performance and progress. This year's edition aims to contribute to SDG 3, which provides for ensuring access to quality health care and promoting well-being for all, at all ages. In a scenario in which, according to the UN, half of the world's population does not have access to health services and more than 100 million people are pushed into poverty due to health costs, the global discussion on the part of governments becomes emerging, companies and civil society.


1:00 pm: Welcome Lunch

2:00 pm: Opening - Miguel Pina e Cunha | Fundação Amélia de Mello for Leadership

2:10 pm: Harald Tuckermann - Harald Tuckermann | Executive School HSG ( - "Risking a vicious cycle with a both/and approach when a hospital copes with the paradoxical demands of the pandemic"

3:10 pm: Wendy Smith - Wendy Smith | Lerner ( - "Strategies for Embracing Paradoxes"

4:10 pm: coffee break

4:30 pm: Pedro Oliveira | Gulbenkian Chair Professor for the Impact Economy

5:00 pm: Glooma | Patient Innovation Bootcamp 2021 Alumni

5:30 pm: Filipa Breia da Fonseca and António Rendas - Innovation in Healthcare

6:00 pm: Pedro Pita Barros | BPI Fundação “la Caixa” Professor of Health Economics

6:30 pm: Practitioners roundtable - facilitated by Filipa Breia da Fonseca

Rui Diniz from CUF | André Valente, Fundação Champalimaud | Luís Lopes Pereira, Medronics

Secure your spot and be part of the change with us!

Registration for the event is now open and can be done here.

Interested but can't be there in person? Register to receive LIVE streaming access.


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