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EUFORPP Webinar Series - April 14 (2021)

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Professor Luca Giustiniano (Luiss University; EUFORPP partner) will host a webinar entitled: "Paradox life and liminality at the boundary of organizing". The webinar will happen on April 14, 2021, (12h30 - 14h00; Lisbon & UK time).

Please access the webinar here



In a traditional scientific approach, the emergence of organizational design can be considered as ananomaly. Nonetheless, a growing number of organizations are open to interact with, and rely upon, other actors that may be stand-alone entities as well as representatives of other organizations. These actors operate “betwixt and between” the organizational core (management, full-time employees) and its external environment(s), populating a liminal space located at the boundary of the organization in which activities take place according to non-proprietary and non-employment logics. The interplay between the organizational core and actors populating such a liminal, interstitial, crowd-based space leads to the creation of hybrid organizational forms. Hybridity gives some organizations the possibility to achieve results which were unthinkable on a logic of organizing based on hierarchy, employment, or property. For example, we see the engagement of crowds allowing Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. (HTT) to be simultaneously open and closed in order to attempt to revolutionize the transportation industry with no project managers employed on a stable and exclusive basis.



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