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5th Paradox & Plurality Annual Meeting - CALL FOR PAPERS

The Paradox & Plurality Annual Meeting is an annual event organized by the Fundação Amélia de Mello (FAM) and the Center of Paradox and Organization. This annual event aims at discussing organizational and societal problems from a paradox perspective. Paradox refers to opposite forces that mutually define one another and persist over time. The fact that organizational and societal issues contain paradoxical features is the point of departure of our debates, our mission consisting in the use of scholarly research on paradox to inform debate and facilitate performance and progress.

About the Call: Paradox and System Change

Systems are interdependent parts or agents interacting collectively while forming a whole. Systems exist at multiple levels within and between organizations crossing boundaries and national borders. With globalization and fragmentation, societal systems have become highly complex. System change involves multi-stakeholder cooperation, often on a global scale with corporations, public institutions, policymakers, NGOs, and the public. SDG17 (partnerships for the goals) captures this reality. Such an endeavor calls for a particular type of leadership. One that understands system dynamics, complexity, paradoxes, design thinking, opportunity-based problem solving, creativity and dialogue. System change is about finding cooperative ways to tackle complex problems within the system, progressively nudging it towards practical and emergent solutions. We call for papers that address the understanding and practices of effective system change from a paradoxical perspective. We are interested in varied topics including, but not only leadership, innovation, multi-stakeholder partnerships, governance, organizational design, strategy, stakeholder management, and the role of business in society.

In this meeting we will celebrate the work of Charles Hampden-Turner


Interested participants must submit an abstract up to 400 words

(Times New Roman; Size 12; Double spacing)

for their proposed contribution by 24 April 2022

through the following link:

Important Dates:

Submission of abstracts: 24 April 2022

Decision: 8 May 2022

Any questions regarding submission should be addressed to

Aníbal López


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