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The center organizes Seminars, an International Annual Meeting, a Summer School and Policymaking workshops. These events are an opportunity for researchers, organizations and social actors to discuss tensions with a paradox and plural perspective. 

Academic Seminars

For researchers interested in learning more about paradox theory and how to apply it in their research.


International Annual Meeting (IAM)

This annual event, in partnership with Fundação Amélia de Mello, aims at discussing fundamental organizational and societal problems from a paradoxical perspective. The IAM is a two-day event, which day one is dedicated for scholarly discussions and PDW, and day two, both scholars and practitioners discuss social topics using a paradoxical lens.

Policymaking workshops

One key pillar of the center is its social impact. These workshops with key policymakers from around the world aim to provide critical insights and practical recommendations to specific social problems.

Summer School

Imagine five-days of intellectual engagement, collaboration and new connections with PhD students and top scholars from around the world. This international summer school was designed for PhD students interested in learning more about paradox theory and how to apply it their research. Through a series of talks with top international scholars, PDW sessions, workshops on research methods, this is the perfect opportunity for PhD students to develop their research and broadening their skills and network. Cultural events and social activities will not be forgotten!

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