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of Paradox & Organization

Individuals, organizations and society constantly face tensions, built from contradictory yet interdependent interests of pluralistic stakeholders (e.g., Should we privilege the individual or the collective? Should we emphasize economic or social value? Should we invest in efficiency or innovation?)

Traditional approaches to these tensions mainly address one side of problem. However, this impairs organizational ability to extract the benefit from plural perspectives and creates more social cleavage (e.g., radical ideas). 

Organizational success and social development depend on pursuing oppositional demands simultaneously. Good management and social development rely on the ability to navigate these oppositional demands and to reconcile the diversity of worldviews 


The mission of the Centre of Paradox & Organization is to advance and transfer paradox and plurality knowledge, not only to organizations but to society at large, in order to protect pluralism, diversity and democracy against divisive forces that polarize and impede dialogue. 


  • Advance cutting-edge knowledge on paradox and plural perspectives

  • Empower policymakers, regulators, business ecosystems to effectively address competing and contradictory societal tensions

  • Disseminate scientific knowledge in society



The discourse of leaders in the private, public and third sectors, is increasingly polarized, simplified, and blind to the interrelation of both sides of these tensions. This leads to inequalities and social alienation.

The center aims to spread the paradoxical mindset in decisions makers and society at large.


The first global center on paradox and plurality.

By linking researchers from around the world, the center aims to be a worldwide reference on cutting edge research of paradox and plurality.


A key pillar of the center is its service to society at large. This is center links scholars, organizations, policy makers and regulators to provide solutions that reconcile societal tensions. 

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European Forum on Paradox and Pluralism_

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 856688

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